Herb Weed Grinders in China: A Complete Guide.

In this blog post, you’ll read: Weed GRINDERS Products Supplier List

About to import Herb Weed Grinders products from China? In this article, we cover everything startups and other details must know:

  • Product categories
  • Weed Grinders Products Supplier List
  • Weed Grinders Customization Options
  • Mandatory safety standards and labels
  • MOQ Requirements

Product Categories

Herb Weed Grinders manufacturers all tend to be specialized in a certain Industry.

While they may cover one or more categories, you should only be on the lookout for suppliers that are making your type of grinders for your program.

A few examples follow below:

  • Herb grinders
  • Weed Grinders
  • Smoking Grinders
  • Tobacco Grinders
  • Aluminum Grinders
  • Silicone Coated Grinders
  • Ceramic Coated Grinders
  • Zinc Alloy Grinders

Weed GRINDERS Products Supplier List

Below follows an overview of some established suppliers in China:

  • VT (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd
  • Guangzhou smoking Technology Co., Limited
  • Dongguan HuaYi Co. Ltd
  • Shenzhen Green Supply Co. Ltd
  • Shenzhen vape Trade  Co., Ltd.

As you can see above, these suppliers are concentrated to the pearl river delta, and Shenzhen and Dongguan i particular.

Weed Grinders Customization Options

When importing grinder from China, you can either buy an OEM or stock product. Keep reading to learn the difference.

Option A: ODM (as your drawing)

Most of our customers, in this category, buy ODM products. Because we can produce them according to customer’s drawing.

But the normal MOQ is 1000pcs

ODM products also allow some customization, such as colors and logos.

Option B: OEM CUSTOM LOGO (small demand)

For MOQ 100pcs, we can custom customers’ logo.

Unit Pricing

A few price examples follow below:

  • Aluminum Grinders  $4 – $6
  • Silicone Coated Grinders: $5 – $7
  • Ceramic Coated Grinders: $8 – $12

The price estimate is based on a small order volume of 1000 pcs.

MOQ Requirement

Most manufacturers require that their buyers order at least 1000 to 2000 pcs per design for ODM size.

Some suppliers may be willing to offer a slightly lower MOQ (500 pcs), but less than that is very rare.

Tips for importing weed grinders from China.

It can be hard to go from a design drawing to finished product. To help you manage the entire process – from creating a specification, to sampling and quality control .

  • a. Manufacturer Lists
  • b. Product Specification Templates
  • c. Grinder Samples (USA & EU)