How to clean your grinder?

Weed herb grinders are very important for enjoy smoking. Crush and broken your weed when you’re smoking can make them burn maximizes efficiency.And you can get the most smoke from your weed. We will meet problem that how to clean grinders when you use them. Please check these tips to clean your grinder. 1. Clean your grinder […]

Is a ceramic coated weed grinder better than an aluminum herb grinder?

No matter what kind of smoker you are, a grinder is compulsory. Nothing is better than starting off the day with a satisfactory ole wake ‘n’ bake? With a cup of strong coffee and how can you have a bad day? Do you know what makes your favorite dark roast so yummy?The fine in the […]

How To Import Grinders From China Safely?

How To Import Grinders From China Safely?90% our customers of herb weed grinders are from USA.Many customers will lose their money due to never know how to import goods from china cheap and safely. Today i will tell you some details. The first shipping way is by Express,such as DHL,Fedex,TNT and UPS. It is often […]